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Logo design challenge

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Hey guys,

Over the past couple of days I have been lucky enough to have a few ppl work on an official logo for me on here for free for a AAA baseball team I coach. Here it is here:

What im looking for now is a creative mind who wants a challenge to design a secondary (alternate) logo for my team.

you can draw inspiration from the chicago cubs alternate logos.... or you can create something with letters or anything you want really. Again, team name is Cape Breton Cubs. Cape Breton is an Island located in Nova Scotia, Canada... you could use the map as inspiration too. This alternate logo will be used as a patch on the sleeve of our jerseys, our kitbags, social media etc.

Willing to pay for the work if anyone wants to give me a quote and is up to the challenge.




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Some additional specifications would be helpful.

Should the alternate logo be round, or do you want a different shape?

Do you want the font style and colors to be the same? Or do you want something more creative or different?

Can you show any examples of designs you like?


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I would like the color scheme to be the same as the main logo.

I had an idea that I think would be cool but I would need to see it to see if I like it.

I was thinking of having "Cubs" written as the shape of cape breton island...

this is Cape Breton Island:

i IMG_2399.PNG

If that makes any sense... Obviously get rid of all the junk thats on it. There may be a better google image to use but I think you may get the idea?
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