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Logo Design: KIP Moto - Motorcycle component company

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Hi Photoshop Guru's!

Chris here with KIP Moto. We are a company in our infancy but we are looking to spice things up with a logo to go along with our company.

What is KIP Moto:
KIP Moto is in the business of making Dual Sport/Motorcycle related products. Our feature product is a tow behind trailer for motorcycles. KIP stands for Keep It Pinned. Its about riding! Riding hard and enjoying it.

Ideas & Concepts:

So we are thinking we'd love to have a Dual Sport bike in our logo along with a rider as seen in the above images. However, I am not sure we wanted a highly detailed motorcycle/rider but enough so that you can tell that its a dual sport bike and rider. My thoughts are like automotive logos where you can tell its a car as seen here (https://www.logoarena.com/contestimages/public_new/7168/12633_1467639220_at8.png) but its not the entire car in the logo.

KIP and Moto should be used in the logo. KIP is the main piece of the logo. We would like to keep KIP as the 3 letters and not what it stands for.

We are open to color options and logo layout. I think we'd like to keep things on the lighter side if possible though, as well as keeping it as a classy business logo. Something clean and professional.
What makes a Dual Sport Bike? - Looks like a dirt bike, typically has mirrors and a headlight.


We've got a budget of about 100usd at this time for the main logo - we can discuss. Also, we may have additional work in regards to stickers/business cards etc in the near future that will be additional work for the designer.

Final Thoughts:

We would like to receive a vector image of the final logo to allow re-sizing as well as other high res typical file formats. Look forward to speaking with you all on this project. If you have any questions or logo ideas you'd like to run by for layout, colors etc before you begin I am available. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to seeing what comes about.




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I will PM the OP.
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