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Logo Design Needed Paying $50

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Hello Photoshop Gurus;

I am looking for a logo design for a guild of mine in WoW. The guild name is Shots Fired. Slogan either "Where the magic happens" / "Where DKP goes to die" or "Parental Advisory". The third option being the preferred.

The website it's going on is shotsfiredwarmane.shivtr.com however that website is not permanent. As far as size goes I was hoping the designer would be able to make one that fits the current site + resized version for around 1200x512 size if it's not too big.

As far as specifics go, we want it to be clever yet minimalist. Nothing too over the top, maybe even a little cartoony. One idea I had was duct tape over a person's mouth with Parental Advisory over it to make it seem like they're yelling obscenities.
Another idea was a bear with a joint in his mouth. We are a guild in a gaming community so it shouldn't look too "serious".

Or if you made the banner look like a badge or able to go on a badge. I hope this gives you enough of an idea of what we are looking for. We want it to have comedic value so sillyness is more than welcome.

Payment method would be via PayPal upon completion of the logo to our satisfaction. (we aren't picky but we wanna love it!) Willing to pay $50 or more depending on the designer/what is shown. Prefer to stay under $100 though.

As far as time frame goes, 3 to 7 days is what I am shooting for.

If any questions please ask, I'm not a super creative person otherwise I'd attempt to make it myself. If more details are needed I'll add more.

I look forward to seeing who will work with me! =D


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I will PM the OP.
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