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Specific Logo parody challenge


I go to the University of Denver, and our club ski team is famous (infamous?) for always wearing denim when we race. For so long we have wanted to get patches of "Denim" on our jean jackets in the same style of our "Denver" school logo, but anytime any of us attempt it in photoshop it always looks off. I was wondering if y'all could help!

All we're looking for is for this PNG to read "DENIM" instead of "DENVER". Please try to keep all of the font and formatting the same, the closer it is to the DENVER style the more funny it will be on our jackets. I understand that DENIM takes up less space than DENVER, so if you have to pinch the tightness of the arc slightly, its all cool, or you could combine the space used by "ER" for a big "M"

Thank you so much!!



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Holy heck, that M turned out really big.
Someone else should try to do a better job with this. Mine is wonky because I don't know how to use the mesh warp tool.