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In Norway there is a special tradition for High School graduation; all the graduates form groups and each group buy themselves a van that they drive around in during the last four weeks or so of school. Each van have their own unique name/concept. Me and my friends need a logo for our van, anyone care to make one for us. There's a huge market for this in Norway.
Our concept is based on the internet meme "Cyka Blyat". So the logo needs to contain a man squatting, with a bottle of Absolute Vodka in one hand, and form some sort of gang sign with the other hand ) like a sideways "v". Beneath the man, we want the name of our van "Cyka Blyat 2017" in a russian-like font.
Need more info about this tradition? Check out this link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sheridanwa...rywhere-else-l?utm_term=.pxwYxjbM5#.ppq45X9OJ

Images for inspiration:
P.s.. the man needs to wear a tracksuit..