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Long Shadow v1.0 Photoshop Plugin Officially Released.


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Hi gang;

I have just released the Long Shadow plugin for Adobe Photoshop. While there are many extensions, actions, brushes out there in the wild, there has not been a natively-compiled plugin dedicated to this effect yet. So I developed one based on user feedback. Because it's compiled, it's relatively fast and fully-multithreaded.


The long shadow trend has made a tremendous impact in the design industry over the past year and for good reason: it produces striking imagery allowing designers to cleverly pop out graphic elements while maintaining a strong and bold design aesthetic. The long shadow trend has evolved across many industries including graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and more.


Long Shadow for Adobe Photoshop comes with a host of advanced features, including the ability to specify the shadow direction, length, opacity and color. Shadow-specific parameters allow the fine-tuning of the shadow component such as the ability to fade it out over length, another common and ‘must-have’ option for creating impressive long shadow effects.


Check out the product page for Long Shadow to read more about it and see it in action.

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