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Looking for help with ring retouching and how to reach end goal

Hi everyone,

I am currently learning how to properly retouching diamond rings. I have attached images of the what I am retouching (ex: Question1.png) and what it needs to look like (ex: Goal1.png). The goal images are above the question images.

I have tried a handful of methods to try and smooth out the gold band, and correctly emphasize the sharp edges of the diamonds. So far I have experimented with adjusting levels, hue/saturation, creating paths for each element of the ring, using the spot healing brush, the healing brush, the patch tool, and the dust and scratches filter. I am getting a bit closer, but the end goal features a much smoother looking bold band, and brighter, crisp diamonds.

I believe there should be a brush of some sort that I should be able to guide along the current gold band to smooth it out, and levels should help with the diamonds, but I would really appreciate any tips on how I can reach my goal.

Thank you