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Looking for someone to edit a lot of picture (eventually several) for me.


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Hey guys, I did a quick Google search and this looks like a decent place to ask for what I'm looking for. I'm eventually looking for several images to be edited. If you can do this both well and quickly, you might be able to help me with all of them.

I'm looking to edit quite a few picture into something eventually for my sisters birthday. Due to a accident and subsequent disability I no longer have the capability, as I may have had a several years ago to do this, (barely, and ultimately very amateur and crappily). If you can crop out (vecor? mask? I can't remember if that was the specific term. Just cut her out of the photo with a transparent background so I can drag/paste into a Paint background/picture). If I find someone that can do what I need within a reasonable time frame, I'm looking for them to do half-a dozen at maximum edits. Almost exclusively just editing them out of the frame.

Can't tell in what order they are being posted so I'll just describe what I need. 1. Edit the friend, that creepy person in back out and background out, 2. Just edit the friend and background out. If you can re/place some of her blond hair where the friend cuts it off you're exactly what I'm looking for. 3. Cut out the board/background. Same as 2, if you can replace the bit of her chin covered by the wood than you're exactly what I'm looking for.


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