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Forum Features Looking for Volunteers to Test New Forum Feature


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We've been working behind the scenes on a new feature for PSG forum users to share downloadable resources like PSD files, templates, brushes, actions, presets etc.

I'm looking for a few volunteers to help test this system and to upload some resources to it, so that when we release it for everyone it has some content to browse.

It should be noted that these resources will be made available other forum members for free.

In the future we may implement some options for paid resources, or a forum currency system based on activity, likes, or something similar... but that's not in the immediate plans. For now, you must be comfortable sharing any resources freely with other forum members.

Obviously, copyrighted or pirated material is not acceptable. You must either be the creator of the resource, or it should be a resource that is available with a clause that allows redistribution, such as a creative commons license. The system does allow for attribution links and images/description.

You must be willing to put in some time to make resources you upload look good, with a descriptive title and some example images if applicable, or a good description.

If you have any useful resources to share in this system, or would like to test the system and provide feedback, let me know with a reply here or send me a private message.

Thanks for your interest!