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Make an ink hand print?

Dave Robbins

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Hi Folks. My dog just died and I'm trying to figure out how to turn a photo of his paw into something that looks like an ink-print of it. I consider myself reasonably adept at PS but the closest I can get to making this work comes out looking like a dinosaur turd. I have attached the image of his paw I'm working with and the best I've been able to do on my own.

I have attached the source image, the best I have been able to come up with, and the goal that I have in mind. I got to the pawprint2.jpg by applying a layer mask to highlight the paw, putting a black background behind the paw, lowering the opacity to 95 and changing the blending to divide. I'm specifically looking for other settings to play with or even a good filter you know of to do this. Seems like I have seen some ink drawing settings before.



Paw Print2.jpg



@Dave Robbins
So sorry for you loss. Pets become family members and can be tough when they depart.

One starting point to consider is an approach as I have shown below.
I rotated the image yet that is optional
I turned it into a Smart Object and applied Filter > Other > High Pass I set it to ~7 yet this is adjustable to the desired result
I added a Threshold Adjustment Layer and the image below the Threshold was set to 131

Note you can go back and forth between where to set the High Pass Filter and the Threshold setting to what you desire.
Optionally you could also add other adjustments on top of this or Start the Smart Ojbect with Camera Raw Filter first for some possible variations.

Then follow up with any maksing out undesired portions of the image.
Hope this gives you an alternative path to consider.
John Wheeler

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