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Specific Making my picture look better.


New Member
Hoping for quicker responses: Making my aunt's picture look better before her birthday.
Alright, my aunt's birthday in a few days and I'm thinking of getting this picture of hers framed/engraved on wood, etc etc.
BUT the problem is that its not that good in quality since I saved it by downloading it off of an account. I can't ask her for a better one since I want it to be a surprise.

Could someone make it appear LESS DISTORTED, and with a higher dimension/pixels? I don't want it to get distorted when I either get it printed or whatever.
Hoping I get your help soon cuz I gotta give it to the gift shop guys too who'll take another couple of days. I only have 2 days.
I mean I'm sure someone could use some feature of another non-photoshop tool (if they're good at it) to make it look more clearer and high def.