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Creative Malicious Hacker Style


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Can you please give me the appearance of a malicious hacker. Make it seem that from my hand HTML or javascript code is radiating onto my face. (like someone holding a flashlight below there chin at camp) Try and keep my face recognizable as well. In the background do binary code ( like a green screen effect). and a gusty smoke emulating from my back(whatever color you prefer to use). Somewhere on the image put my code name "Glitchy_Girl" (Preferable in the code emulating onto my face)The primary color I would prefer to be used is neon purple.( Hex code I like "#bc13fe" ) The secondary color I would prefer is the coder green( Hex code "#00FF00") Feel free to add other details that your creative mind comes up with. Thank you and hope you have fun with this one! I can't wait to see the results. orginal 1.jpg