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Mass export of Smart Object


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Hi, I don't know how to code very well so any help would be amazing. I am using smart objects in my PSD files to mass edit images the same way. Is there a script that can be written to export my background file with each individual layer from my smart object layer into one jpg per layer in the smart object? I have seen the scripts to export each layer of a smart object but that's not quite what I'm looking for.

For example, I have a desk background image with a smart object layer with all the different page images I want to put on the desk. I would like to export each page in the smart object on the desk as one jpg per smart object layer.


Hi @adashofhemlock
It was not quite clear the structure of you PS file since you mention "Page images" of which I am not familiar.
Reading between the lines, here is my understanding.

You have one file that contains the background image of a desk and another Layer that is a Smart Object (embedded or linked?)

In the Smart Object you have multiple Layers where each Layer contains one element you want to show with the desk one at a time.

It was not clear if other Layers were involved.

If my understanding is correct, there is a a way to semi-automate the process

1) Output all of the Smart Object Layers to their own individual files in a unique Folder
2) Create an action that uses the Layers > Smart Objects > Replace Contents of the Smart Object with one of the Layers; Follow this with saving the file as a JPG
3) Then automate the process using File > Automate > Batch invoking the folder of files already created.

Just a potential direction to consider.
John Wheeler