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Match color scheme from 2 photos


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Hi, I did a search here and couldn't find the information I was looking for and I also searched elsewhere online with no results. Maybe someone here can help.

I have a series of cityscape photos I took on my phone from behind windows. Perhaps it was the time of day I took the pictures where the sun was positioned in relation to each photo, but some of the photos have a very different color scheme from one photo to the next: the sky, trees/bushes, buildings etc. might be one color scheme in one photo and not the same color scheme in the next photo. For example some photos have a really yellowish tint to them and some do not looking more natural and unaffected by any color.

I am trying to match all 15 of the photos so the sky is the same blue color, the trees/bushes are the same green, buildings are the same color, etc. from one photo to the next.
From what I've read so far online the one thing always suggested to do to match color schemes from one picture to the next is go under images then adjustments then match color. Then adjust the color manually in one photo from the source of another photo.

However....after trying the match color feature more than a few times matching the color schemes from one photo source to another is practically impossible using the match color feature.

Surely there must be some other, (perhaps easier!), way to match the color schemes from one photo to the next?!!!?!