Matrix Effects In Photoshop Tutorial Video

Learn How To Create Matrix Effects In Photoshop CS3

Steps To Follow:

1: Open Photoshop CS3 And From File Menu Click New.

2: In Filter Menu Go To The Texture And Click Onto Grain It Will Produce Grain Effect.

3: Now Turn The Grain Intensity To 100 Points And Contrast Also To 100 Points And Also Change The Type As Vertical.

4: Go To The Filter Menu Again And Select Artistic & In Artistic Menu Click Onto Neon Glow And Turn The Glow Size To 5 Points, Glow Brightness To 15 Points Click O.k.

5: Again Jump To Filter Menu And Use Stylize, In Stylize Click Glow Edges And Turn The Edge Width To 1 Point And Brightness To 6 Points And Smoothness To 2 Points.

6: From Layer Menu Click Onto Adjustments, And Click Hue And Saturation And Turn The Hue To 120 Points And Saturation To 100 Points And Click O.k.

7: From Filter Menu Click Blur, In Blur Click Motion Blur Effect. Turn The Distance To 3 Pixels, Angle To 90 Degree.

Here is the video of this tutorial:

You could have your image resolution set so stinking low you just can't see the text!

Go to the Image pulldown menu --> Image Size and see what the resolution is set for. If it's something like 5, that's definitely your problem.

You need to reset the resolution, but before you do, unclick the box that says resample image so that you don't resize the picture. Set it to at least 72 pixels per inch. Photoshop will then rescale the type so it looks the same as it did before, so you will need to go and set the type size for a normal size.


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Thanks for these great tips. I`m going to try it but I`m a beginer so I`m 99$ sure that I can`t do it. :p
KRF > Nice youtube tut. :D
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