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Photo Manipulation Medusa.

Medusa before.jpg

Medusa after.jpg
Nice one! i like the light of the sword , not so much the light in his front (face, chest, shoulder) i think the light of that sun is not that strong looking at the floor or the stone guy. The shadow of the stone guy it's a little strong.

You're becoming really good in making good looking mountages! XD

Good one ZCool :thumbsup:
Long ago in school during the stone age, Medusa was always my favourite in mythology.
I remember seeing a picture someone made...they had the snakes in her hair moving out and around her head crazily..the open snake mouths bright red with the fangs long, then added droplets of glistening venom as it dripped out the mouth...... very evil looking indeed...Very powerful image that stuck with to this day............... maybe theres a idea for your next mountage :unsure: . Keep up the good work