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Microsoft Publisher help

Yeah I know this is not the place but I have been searching for an hour now and cant find the solution.

Ok so when creating PDFs I can do this without thinking but I need to do this in Publisher.

I need to be able to write text in 1 text box and make those fields duplicate into a 2nd box so at the end I will have 2 text boxes same content.

And no I dont want to copy and paste the box as I need to be able to fill the form in life, so I am typing in 1 box but actually typing in 2 boxes at the same time sort of live update

I did it many years ago but for the likes of me I cant remember how

example file
View attachment example.rar

any instruction on achieving this will be greatly appreciated
It's been a long time since I worked in Pub and didn't ever try that. What if you make it as a table? Will you be able to link them somehow? Or link the text boxes? I imagine there are folks here who know the real answer, lol. Too bad I don't have lynda.com anymore or I bet I could find the answer. (they gave me 30 days gratis a couple mos ago just before my PC went south on me . . . sigh)
I thought link but that is like smart text boxes in in design and other adobe products where the text can flow from 1 box to another. I think I may have set it as personal info or something weird like that.

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I was wondering if it might be InDesign you remember - Publisher is far more limited - but I haven't ever typed live in two boxes at the same time. Actually, can't think of why I would . . . though it's clear you have a purpose.
You can link text boxes together so text can overflow from one to another, but not to have text replicated in multiple boxes. May I suggest a simple copy/paste?
you can have it copy hence in the example I provided. when doing a form it slows down the work flow copy and pasting each field. but not to worry I managed to finally convince my client to do it PDF rather than illustrator which of course gives you far more flexibility, I think I just dont use microsoft publisher enough to know what it can and cant do.

Acrobat all the way I understand that so made the form in no time and able to export fields to a database so killed 2 birds with 1 stone.