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Mother Nature at her best.

This looks like an insane amount of hard work! You produced an excellent result! @Argos, would you mind explaining your method of approach to this one? How did you get your selections?
Looking at the psd there a lot of selections but basically looking at the original picture you have to separate the "white" from the "black" its more patience than difficulty, And the part that looks more troubling like the sky i can't know for sure what I did but my bet is that I just used the magic wand and adjust the selection. In this case, the lucky part was the dull sky because you just have to burn it and you don't have to deal with halos in every little branch (that would be a real nightmare XD), Maybe its because its an old one and i don't remember the process but looks more like a tedious work than an extremely hard one.
You can give it a try and if you get stuck on some point we can try to find the way, that would be easier to explain. With my english,it seemed to me like I expend more time trying to create this little explanation above than the work itself... :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

Lovely work explaining as well, Argos! Maybe this project will be on my bucket list. I would love to be able to attempt this one but maybe I will do Sam's Clone Stamp Project first.