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Multiple Challenges for all members

No 30/30 rules here or anything along the lines of winners etc this is purely a chance for you to show your work to us and potential new Freelance job posters. There is no sneaky motive behind this we are just posting guidelines for recommended pricing and examples of what job they are after.

So only submit work here if you do not mind it possibly being used for promotional purposes for yourself and the forum.

images needed which you can post in this thread but the only rule is you have to have designed it yourself, not using stock images or other peoples content or have the owners permission to use it (mainly for photo edits)

Logo design Produce a Logo or share 1 you have already created.

Business Card real or Mock up but please dont use real details

Facebook timeline Cover produce an image that is suitable for a facebook timeline cover 851 X 315 pixels

Forum Signature size can be varied but keep it realistic

Photo edit

Photo restoration

Website Design A screenshot of the final design is sufficient doesnt have to be a functioning website a psd mock up is fine.

Html email mockup you know those nice emails you get with embedded images etc like a newsletter

3d Work something that demonstrates good knowledge and practical usage of 3d Software.

Illustration an image created purely for Illustration.

Colour change this can be cars hair etc anything really

And I am sure more examples will come along, This is a free for all with no particular needs or theme, so not just limited to PSG

Great chance for you up and coming next generation of Designers to get stuck in.

No real deadline but asap would be good.


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I'm in Hoogle :)

ASAP I can post some of my first photo edits/retouch. Here is before and after.


Both pics are taken by me ...

I just post my last two manipulations in a thread, but i don't know to upload them here or just give a link to the tread ? And can I participate with them ?

For Tomorrow I have scheduled a Restoration Project, so I can come with what I've done on it... :)