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Multiple Guide Sets for Photoshop CS5 or better.

Paul MR

The Script Master
I was asked on the Adobe forum if it was possible to have multiple Guide Sets, and I came up with this script.
This script will only work in Photoshop CS5 or better!
This script will allow you save multiple guide sets.
You can add or remove quide sets.
Guide sets can be appended to existing guides or existing guides can be removed before placing the new set.
The guide set info is held in the documents metadata, so the guide sets travel with the document.

To install the script download the zip file, unzip and you will have GuideSets.jsx
This needs to be placed into Photoshops application folders presets/scripts folder
once this has been done, if Photoshop was open, restart Photoshop so that it can pick the new script.



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Is there a way to move the sets between machines? Working on 10.7, and the script is great for what i need, but wondering if it was doable to move the saved sets between my laptop and workstation for working on the road.

Paul MR

The Script Master
The guide set information is kept within each document metadata, so all you need to do is copy the file to your other machine.

Paul MR

The Script Master
Photoshop CS5 or Better!
Here is another option.

Here are two scripts:-
Layer Guides Set.jsx
This puts the guide information into the current layer.

Layer Guides Display.jsx
This retrieves and displays the guides (removing existing guides if any)


Hi, trying to use the 2 scripts, Layer Guide Set and Layer Guide Display. Not have much luck. I have put the scripts into the Preset folder - I'm using a Mac and PS CS6.
I select my layer, create the guides I want, open the script menu and select Layer Guide set....with the same layer selected I create new guides, I then run the Guide Display script - but nothing happens - I expected the newly created guides would disappear and the guides that I "set" reappear...

Let me know if I am missing something...thanks!

Kanmanknp, I'm on a windows machine, and it seems to work fine.
I made a new layer (layer 1), and run the Guide set script on the new layer.
I the cleared the guides and added a few new layers (layers 3,4,5).
Then I set my current layer to layer 1 and run the Display script, and all my guides came back.

You can make as many layers with guide info as you want. I tried saving 3 different guide layouts on 3 different layers, and I could load the relevant guides with the get script even after closing and loading the file.

I suggest calling the layer that holds the guide information (Layer 1 in my example) a meaningful name.
Here's the file I made, you're welcome to run the get script on each layer and see if it works:
View attachment stam.psd
Thanks it is working now. Tired yours and it worked not sure what was doing before but did the same as you. Then I created a new document with 4 layers - setting guides for each layer.....then clearing. When I run the Display script per layer the proper guides return. Excellent....