my first baby fotoshooting of a freind of mine :D

Hallo every one, my name is Adi, and i live in Switzerland, friend of mine ask me if i can take fotos of his new 5 day old (or young) baby, this was my first time, baby fotoshooting (i done before other baby fotos but not like that).
i would be happy to know what everyone thinks about the fotos :)


Hi, welcome to PSG.
Yes, nice shots, good composition and interesting POV! You are aware of course that your 2nd pic is of the cat, not the baby! I like your focus on the hands in the 3rd pic. And it's nice to see the B&W. Thanks for sharing.
Good ones mate., my favs is the Focus on the Hands, The jealousy of Cat.. Lolz... and the Baby feet..

for the others, the composition is good but the lighting part is messed up. If you dont use flash, then I would recommend using natural lighting or maybe multiple light sources (Bulbs, Tubes etc etc ) which would illuminate the dark shadows you see in the pics..

But for the postcard sake, the shadows can be brightened using Ps and printed for your friend. Good Job mate..
hey, thank u evrey one for the replys, the pic with the cat, i done it extra :D, its nice to read what every one think about the pics :)
i have more pics from others things that i shot, sand here are they :D sorry for the size of them i needed to resize :redface: