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We're thinking about getting external wall insulation put on the house but it will hide the bricks. we'd then have smooth white walls instead of exposed brick.
I cant visualize it at all so was hoping you could help by photoshopping it so we can decide whether to do it or not.
Also, the green bits, door and window frames would be painted black.
It is also possible that we wont put insulation outside but just paint the brickwork white. Probably harder to photoshop but could someone try to do that too please?


Our house was the same way in winter, It can get to -30 or -40 here in the winter, Ours is also brick built in 1864 with no insulation. We put in a wood pellet stove which will heat the first floor which is about 2000 sq ft. The big savings with the stove is in Spring and Fall when you can use it that only and keep the furnace off. No chimney needed it vents right out of an exterior wall.
Wow -40 must be brutal!
Theres already a fireplace in every room but were looking at options anyway. Internal wall insulation is also an option but the house may look good white anyway
Him being from Florida I don't know what type of measure they usually used, sure is not Celsius or it was a mistake or is not living there XD