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My Recent Try !


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You asked for comments so here we go...

IMHO it feels very much as a vector image. I suspect you used the pen tool? I don't say it's bad that it feels vector-ish...it depends on what you wanted to achieve.

Also the shadows isn't all that convincing. Where does the light come from, how will it reflect on the different materials etc. Again, depending on what you want to achieve this might be good or bad.

The handle is a bit short I think...

I recently tries making a sword and I now it's quite a task if you want to make it realistic. So keep working! :perfect:



From certain design elements, you are designing a fighting knife (the notches on the back of the blade)? If realism is your goal, the ribs of the handle are a little extreme. Often a large knife has a guard of some sort between the handle and blade as well and a knob at the back end of the handle. The handle is contoured slightly to help the grip. Frequently, there is a slight curve to the back of the blade toward the point rather than one so extreme.

Here's an example. It's a standard USMC design.

That being said, if your goal is to create an image which people know is a knife...you've done it. ;)