my scanned image had dots...almost like a hatch pattern

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Hi All,

i was wondering if anyone has come across this before.... i have a photo proof that i want to scan and email to someone to review...but the scanned image has dots all over it...kind of like a hatch pattern. it looks terrible. the original photo looks normal. i thought i could use photoshop to make it look better but i cant figure out how.

any ideas?

You will need to provide a sample maybe just a small corner of that image so we know what you're talking about
the photo was taken by a'll see the words they put all over them. proof.jpg have the proofs. i need to email them for my sister to see and select.
you can still see that image and it looks like a good picture what's the problem you can mail that
sure i can still email it. but i'd like to get rid of that hatch-looking grid pattern. and i thought since i have photoshop...i should be able to do that. i was hoping someone could suggest ways to do it.
one way to get it semi looking okay and leave his logo, is duplicate the layer and put the upper layer in colorburn mode it may require some sort of selection of color process though..........I doubt anyone here will remove the watermark. and just saying that is almost infringement on the watermark......... pay the guy/girl for his work and get them without marks that sample is more than sufficient to give anybody an idea of how well that image is really going look without it.......just sayin
Cadman, did you read what the watermark says?

It says, "Copyright Protected - Do not copy", yet you want to do exactly that. Even worse, you want us to help you do so.

In the USA, the photographer holds a legal right, the "copyright" that allows them to say who can copy their work. This is done so that people, starting with their clients, don't cheat them out of payment for their work by copying it, distributing it further, etc.

The photographer entered into an arrangement with you or someone else to take that photo. As a courtesy, he provided a version of the final product to allow you or the sitter to judge whether you like the pose, the lighting, etc. before you pay for the final version (ie, one that doesn't have a watermark). If you don't like his watermark, pay the man for his services, and he'll send you a copy without it. If you "need a copy for review" that doesn't have a watermark, I'm sure that if you talk to him, he will be happy to provide a different version that may meet your needs, for example, a narrow strip out of the middle of the photo to allow you to decide if the exposure, contrast and color are ok.

At this point, there is absolutely no way I would help you or anyone else circumvent the photographer's watermark.

Tom M
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