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Need Assistance. Please Help Me! Compensation!

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all doing well.

I am somewhat new to photoshop. I am working on a project that I need help with.
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I am trying to create the word LAVA in all capital letters with each letter filled with lava.

I also have a 5 gallon bucket to the right of the word. The handle is straight up (with one side visible from the front) It has no lid, and is filled with lava. Lava is overflowing and running down the sides of the bucket/pail.
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I worked on this for a while and thought i did a preety decent job considering the lack of experience i have with photoshop. But I know someone on here could make it amazing. :)
I have linked the .psd document at the bottom of the page
hopefully the link works for you (for some reason I could upload an attachment to this forum):banghead:

I am hoping someone can either modify what I have or start from scratch and design the coolest freaking thing you have ever seen. It must catch your eye, but still be very professional. The majority of it must be bright orange or orange/redish. The bucket should be gray/black. It must have a transparent background but have (smooth) borders that allow for a white or black background. I am looking for something that gets a great first impression and is very sharp, creative, realistic, and professional. It also should be as high quality as possible. You could use the Lava photo that is in the .psd document or use your own.

I thought someone on here might enjoy this project

For someone who may be interested,
I will send (paypal) $20 as a token of my appreciation (upon receiving document)

Please PM me if there is any interest

I greatly appreciate any help and hope someone will have a little fun with this project
Thank you in advance!
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Is this up to your standards?, i could do the bucket tomorrow


i made it in less than 5 mins i could put more time in them if you want
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