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Specific Need "Employees Only" Sign for Glass Door

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I work as a cashier at a gas station and we have a glass door on the side of the kiosk that is intended for employees. This door is always locked as it opens into our register/backstock area. Customers must always use the front door. We have a some what crude sign that was made on Word by a former employee.

The glass area is approx. 24 inches wide (I will measure it later). What I want is an image that can be printed on a good quality machine. I want to use the STOP sign image that is attached to this thread. To the left of S should read EMPLOYEES and ONLY to the right of P. The background should be white and the letters black. I am open to suggestions as to the font; I was thinking Bahnschrift SemiBold or something similar.

Under the Employees Only graphic we want "Customer Entrance" with a straight arrow facing to the left (under the C) to indicate the proper door to use. We would like the font to be cursive, friendly, and legible.

Please let me know if you need further details and thanks again.



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Before anyone goes through with that design, just be aware that it may read as "Employees STOP Only."
Also, a good friendly legible cursive font is Pacifico. (It's the one I used for "Mentos" in my profile picture.) I'm not on my PC right now, but if no one has done it by tomorrow I will make it.


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I've was about to make this design, and there's a slight problem.
The word "EMPLOYEES" is much longer than the word "ONLY." This looks terribly uneven to me.
A recommendation I have is to put "EMPLOYEES ONLY" above the "STOP" graphic. This would also solve the problem of it possibly reading incorrectly. It would look something like this.
Is that okay?
I tried a color test print at a UPS Store today. The attachment was giving me trouble with saving (in Chrome) so I switched to Firefox. I have saved the .PNG image and opened it with IrfanView. The colors seem to be reversed with a black background. We would like this to be a bit more wide, like 24 inches. Can the orientation be switched to landscape? We appreciate your time!