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Need feedback for my sidebar

Hey people,

i hope that i would get here some feedback for my sidebar wich i designed and also build in html.

Was i looking for was a minimalistic - clean sidebar so i created this one with a little effect on top of it. But when i'm now looking at it, i don't know, but it looks for me a little empty, too clean. Or am i just thinking that? I have the feeling something is missing.

Would be thankfull about any feedback.

Ya like it or not, or what ya think is missing?

here is also a demo link where ya could see it in action. prototyp dot awesom-media dot de/#

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-30 um 09.48.05.png Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-30 um 09.47.59.png
hey tolousn,

thanks for your feedback.

It would be a web app, so the sidebar is focused on desktop and tablets.

But thanks for your feedback :)
Yeah, I dig it. I see a lot of people utilizing the mmenu plugin for things like that, but having an image on top with a sleek separator looks nice and modern.