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Specific Need help refining my logo

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I know is not what you ask for... but if you want to change the colors and text (i agree), i would ask for a change in the hand too.... it's a nice logo but that hand kinda ruin it. I think it could be better.

Unfortunaly it's not my bag either so i only can give my opinion ^^.

In my opinion, the hand in the logo indicates humans who intensely care for pets.

Unless there is a specific request, I do not have much else to add to work done by @PSC
Maybe I would suggest a different colour for the puppy so that the puppy and the hand are different colours.


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I actually hate those 2 colors I picked, blue and gray are for more of tech logos than a pet logo. I just didn't have any instructions from OP
i think the op wants a "soft" colors, maybe some pastel colors, but i like your touch of add different colors to the dog and cat, it looks better.
I've had a little experience with this sort of thing, but I'd need to have a bit more information to work with. For instance, the name 'Southern Comfort', is that just reckoning to the idea of southern charm, or does it refer to a surname, like Johnathan Comfort, or Evan Comfort? You see, when I look at your logo, what jumps out at me is the giant crescent shape, and the letter 'S' formed by the cat's tail. My mind suggests to me that you should invert the logo horizontally, and take advantage of this affect to reinforce the name of your company. (C.S.) Referring to 'Southern Comfort'. Here is a quick sort of example of what I'm trying to explain.


As I say...I don't know exactly what I want just a few ideas in my head. This is the hardest part of my business. Everything else I have done myself right down to coding my own webpage.
This..Only ideas.
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