Need help with logo and other small website things....

I've got a new business standing up, and I came up with a logo. I used gimp, but it looks like crap, because I suck. I was wondering if there is someone out there who would be willing to help me out for a cheap fee?

I can pay via paypal, but we should work out the details via PM.

The hardest part would be re-doing my logo. Then the site has some buttons and tags here and there that could use some touch up. (again, I SUCK at Photoshop!)

So, let me know. Basically I want a Q as a globe, and a C as something going around it. I need the logo in different colors for different uses.

My business is pulling no income, and is just starting out. So all this will be out of pocket. I don't ever expect to be rich from my business, so i can't afford the companies who do this for a living. But thats ok, looking around here, you guys are better anyhow.
Or maybe rather than different colors for the logo, just outlined with different colors for different applications. I plan on making business cars, flyers, website, etc...
Are you cheap? lol! I'm also looking for someone to keep on "retainer" if you will. Basically, next time the site comes up with a gfx need, I just want to shoot an email and we can work it out.