Need help with saving files :(!

I saved my PSD as PDF earlier today to print and see what it would look like IRL, and I forgot to save it back to .PSD. I just now closed my file and saved (Not knowing that it was saving as PDF!) Now when I open my photoshop CS6 File it goes to the work I did earlier today, without all the progress I made! Is there anyway of recovering the file?

EDIT: I Checked the roaming/.../autorecover and there was nothing there...
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I've done the same thing and the only solution is to re-edit really. It hurt in the past but I just saw it as more practice for improvement or do something better. Turn your short comings into something great, just pay attention harder next time. Never rush any saving steps.
Hi Andy - like Jeff said if you havent saved it then I am afraid it is all about chalking it up to experience.

Are you sure you havent previously saved it? The process of saving as a .pdf wont stop the file being a .psd - you will only have lost it if you have only saved as a .pdf , closed Photoshop and then reopened.

You could search your system for any files saved with the .psd extension and sort the list into date order - might be worth a try.

I use a great freeware utility called "Search Everything" which performs near instant searches of your entire system (and I have a total of 12TB of connected storage). Could be worth checking out.


...and saved (Not knowing that it was saving as PDF!)...
If it IS saved as a PDF and you do eventually find it, you can always open a PDF in PS.

You are given options when you do but essentially, in this case, you'll want to open every 'page' of that PDF. This will put each page on its own layer in PS. Correction: it opens each page as a document.

I may have misread the question but if the file is saved as a PDF then that info can always be recovered in PS.

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Another thing to look out for which has happened to me, If you save the file as a PDF before hand it has been saved as a PSD.

Ex Timeline: (Untitled File Created > Untitled file saved as PDF > Untitled File saved as PSD)

Photoshop will sometimes take off the layers check box Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.45.50 AM.png
You could save it as a PSD and still not have the layers because it automatically took the layer check box off. So do pay attention to that and take your time when you save ANYTHING.
pay attention to that and take your time when you save ANYTHING.

Well said that man - repeat the mantra at least 6 times every night! :thumbsup: