Needing AE designer to put animation to my logo for Laser Engraving business -


What's Needed:

I'm looking for an AE designer to create a landing page for my Laser Engraving business' website.

www () amazingengraving () org


I would prefer to barter laser engraved product(s) for this service (you can see my examples there on the website).

My idea/concept:

Black background with dark blue/deep purple cloud effects slowly moving in the background, maybe like a boiling effect [continuous, or looped?] just something to show motion in the backgound.

Letters A & E are barely visible to start, then 4 laser beams emerge from outer edge and trace contour of the letters A and E (1 inside edge and 1 outside edge) while producing small, falling sparks and/or whiffs of smoke as they engrave the edges

Skip intro option at top center

That's it - n
o need to get too fancy, but I will certainly let you be creative if you want. Maybe 10 seconds total?

Other ideas certainly welcome!


Ba-shaw. Nope!

Qualifications needed:

Beginner or Expert knowledgeable in AE

Mike, I'm sorry you've been held up so much today with getting your request posted. Our auto spam checker caught it for no discernible reason. Bumping it up.

Is there an option for payment if no one has barter?
I think the correct terminology I needed to previously state was "logo reveal" not "landing page"

...and I already have the logo made up, just need it 'animated'