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Neon Light Effect in Adobe Photohsop


I have created a NEON Light Effect in Adobe Photoshop, this is a quick shoot out of my little work. Please take a look and leave feedback. You can ask in detail if you want any query.



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Hello. When it comes to video tutorials posted in this forum, I'm usually very straight forward and honest.............so please take this as constructive. It's meant to offer you help and direction and it is ONLY my personal opinion based on many years of experience.

In the older days of this forum, the members would call your video a "copycat" video. This means that you are generally lacking in creativity and originality and you are reproducing video tutorials that have been done already to the point of ad naseum...........such as these: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Photoshop+neon+light+effect

You have basically copied Blue Lightening TV's tutorial but left out all of the detailed instruction and most of the important steps such as the reflected light from the triangle on the subject.

So here is some advice. At this time, given your current skill level, you may do better by watching and learning from videos rather than trying to create them yourself. I base this on other videos you have posted here on the forum and images you posted in the paid section that shows that you are not yet ready to make videos. If you really want to make videos, you may wait until you become more familiar and skilled with Photoshop and the act of producing effective video tutorials.

What you have posted here is a copycat, incomplete speed art video with a few written instructions.

Try not to copy others work............be original. If you have an idea for a video, do a YouTube search to see if there are other videos like it already in existence.........if yes, then move on to another idea. If you lack the ability and creativity to generate original content, you will be lost in a sea of copycats and viewers will quickly recognize your works and just skip over you. You have to stand out in the crowd!

Stop with the speed art. Speed art is not a tutorial. Either do one or the other. Slow down and explain each and every step! If possible it would be best if you made verbal instruction. If you only use written instruction, make it detailed and left in view so it can be read easily and adequately. It's intimidating and confusing when written instruction is added and the video portion continues to progress behind it. Or if written instruction is added after the video has already moved beyond that step. This causes panic or fear of missing something that's going on in the video. This makes the viewer have to stop, back up, and compare words with video. All instructional videos should be detailed and complete. The viewer should not have to ask any further questions about how something within the video was done. Explain each and every step in as much detail as possible.

I certainly realize the draw of making YT videos! Some channels are extremely profitable. Unfortunately this also brings out new and inexperienced Ps users who have the cart way before the horse. You should learn your craft before you start trying to apply it. I'm not saying that you don't have the potential to make great instructional videos, you are just not there yet. You have more to learn.

There is much more wrong with your video and I have pointed out the most relevant, but anyone viewing this critique can simply compare your copy to the original and pick them out. But if you would like more details, just ask me.