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For years now I've toyed with the idea of running my own business. Recently the opportunity to do so has come up. I'm taking what little money I have left, plus the help of my folks to open up an old country store near my house. Currently having trouble finding trouble finding suppliers close enough to go pick up the stuff for the store, cause shipping is killer. I'm starting out with selling salvage groceries, google it I can't explain that well. I'll eventually move up to selling better stuff along with soda, beer, cigs, and other stuff. If and when I get the store open it wont be til around June. Course like always when something starts to go right, something goes wrong. Wrong thing is my computer that I have been borrowing from my Grandpa bit the dust. No warning or anything. I'll figure out why it went down and fix it. In the mean time I bought some computer parts and will be building my next computer. Tried buying a desktop but it couldn't run PS, this one will be able to do most anything I want it to.