New member and advice please


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HI I am a new member. I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer living in Yorkshire, UK. I have been using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 but I think it is out of date as some of my photos are unexpectedly corrupting. I want to upgrade to a better version suitable for a mid level camera user - not beginner, not professional. I want to be able to upload edit, share pics with friends and use them in websites and other professional activities. I like taking pictures of animals, landscapes and people. I would really appreciate some help - I have been on the Adobe website and am totally bamboozled by the choice. Thank you
Hi and welcome FFC! Yes I agree with dv8, Elements sounds like the right choice for you, it also has a reasonable price and you can do a LOT with it.:) Sometimes it comes bundled with "Premier Elements" that is for managing your video films. :)