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Just saying hello to everyone and would like to introduce myself. My name is Judy, I am recently retired and trying hard to get back into all my old favorite things to do. At the top of that list is Photography which has been my passion since the 80's and photoshop which I have dabbled in for about 20 years. My career of 32+ years was with the US Postal Service where I worked as a clerk in two offices in Southern NH, ended two years ago when I had a heart attack, and a month later a moped accident🤔🤷‍♀️. My job was first and required a whole LOT of overtime and besides that, I was a volunteer EMT in my town for the last 23 years. With all that said, my opportunities for my hobbies were sometimes very slim. Now though I have plans to go at it full steam ahead! I shoot with a Canon D6 which I bought myself as a retirement present and two nice Canon lenses. My question for today is this: I have been taking senior pictures for years, mostly family and close friends but also the occasional friend of a friend that hires me for a couple hundred dollars give or take. So Saturday I did one like that for my sisters friends daughter and they came out really nice, except for the fact that she had a bad case of zits going on especially on the bridge of her nose. Some of the pics only show a few, and those I can fix pretty easily but some of them just show a mass of them all clustered together and harder to cover. Any suggestions for some photoshop videos or even written steps that will show me the steps to take to fix something like that (JPG pics not RAW silly me) I really want to learn but I still struggle with photoshop. I appreciate any and all advice.


Hi Judy,
I suggest you take the second half of your post—the part with the specific questions—and repost it in its own thread in the General Photoshop Board. People may not read the New Introductions very carefully and may miss your question. You'll get a better variety of replies if you post your question separately.

Anyway, the answer depends on your level of Photoshop skill and the particular image you are working on. Unless you have privacy concerns, most people here post the images they have questions about. Here is a good tutorial that may get you started. This YouTube site, Phlearn (Aaron Nace), is always very good. There's also a guy I like named Lee Varis, who pretty much specializes in portraits and skin retouching. He has lots of video tutorials here: https://varis.com/video-tutorials/