New painting - what do you guys think?


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Just finished a new painting using Photoshop, hand drawn and then scanned in for coloring. Would love your thoughts. Really struggles with the hair but I will keep practicing :)



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Nice job mate, the hair looks ok maybe go with three or four varying layers of thickness and shape to brush hair in. The upper body as no definition but hey thats a minor factor, the four lines at the bottom i know what you tried to do mate, but it just looks like a saggy old womans belly lol.
Finally boo boos reflections off a little.
Great attempt though mate, love the background lines also.


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Cheers Paul, I see what you mean about the belly, I think nxt time I will rely on the inking a little less and spend a little more time painting in the detail :) On the whole I am happy with it, havn't had very much time recently but I still think I am improving :)
Congrats!!! Enjoy your achievements. You did a great job.Very good.Keep it up.
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It's okey mate...
From the beginning some error will be occurred with time it will be okey.Over all it looks cool innovative art.