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New to PhotoShop

I love the program so far and I have a lot to learn! So far I have played with images and text I have been messing around making Military banners so I plan on reading a lot in this forum and learning.

Here is one of my creations, How am I doing so far?

M Walsh


Yes, welcome to the board marine0311 and thanks for sharing some of your work. I think you're doing great, nice camouflage texture too :perfect:
Hi M Walsh (i just HAD to be different!). :D

Good stuff, looks like you got the right amount of colour variance in your texture too.

Welcome to the community too. Hope you enjoy your stay. ;)
Welcome, welcome, marine0311! Great looking banner :perfect:


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Hi Marine from one newbie to another.

BTW Im beginning to notice a pattern here. Looks like Gaussian, Mark, Wendy and sfm seem to be the (un)official welcoming committee.
can't speak for the others but I just like a good party and the more the merrier ha ha ha - seriously :D I was a town cryier in a past life ha ha ha
ringing on the bell walking through the streets welcome welcome oh yah oh yah welcome he he he
Thank you all for the Welcome

Yes I do learn this stuff fast but I also love doing this and creating things.
Here is another example of my work, Playing with greyscale..

M Walsh
looks great M.Walsh! :perfect:

You'll have to start posting some of your stuff on the Show-Board Forum so that more people can see it! :)


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Welcome a boards ...

This forum is a greate place to start and to learn but add to your knowladge a good book about Photoshop...

Semper Fi. I am an ex-wingnut (Air Force), and my brother did 20 years in the USMC. As far as being a newbie to PS, we all were. I started with PS 4, and I recently got PS 7. If there is one thing I know about PS, it is practice, practice, practice. And don't be afraid to try new things. You are only limited by your imagination.