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New User Info -- PLEASE READ!


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It took awhile to design, setup, & configure... but it's up and running now!

Don't be alarmed if it changes a little over the next month or so. I'll be tweaking it as i learn more about it. And if anyone has problems or questions about anything, click the _"f.a.q"_ button at top-right.

Things you should know...
Normally i've never asked anyone to "sign up" for anything to do with my site. But... this board/community has such a great potential for all who use it. And to actually get the most out of it, you'll need to put something in... which means, if you 'Register' to the board, you'll be able to use it to it's maximum potential.

As per usual with me, no user information goes anywhere else but into the database to be used by the board itself -- and for no other reasons what-so-ever. That is always my policy, and you have my word on it.

If you want to register, click the button in the top-right menu

A couple of specific things i'd like to mention...

If you feel that an image you're posting is of a questionable nature (i.e. contains nudity, etc) please, for the sake of all board users, put a brief notice of the fact within the title for your thread/post. This will at least give a 'heads-up' to those wishing to avoid such material. Thanks.

Some folks have asked about whether it's ok to use these boards to get help with programs other than Photoshop.

My thoughts on this are... if it's put within the "Other Interests" board, i don't care if folks talk about, learn about, or just play about with programs other than Photoshop. That's something that that board was created for after all -- other interests.

I would just rather that the main (all the other) boards be reserved specifically for Photoshop subject matter (excluding group projects & challenges). After all, that's what my site deals with. It would get mighty confusing in here if folks tried to "search" for something and came up with help about all these 'other' programs, and not Photoshop. So i don't want that to happen.

There are tons of boards on the Web that deal with specific programs -- including ones for PSP. I suggest that if users of those other apps need specific help with them, they seek out these other boards. That's their best option i think. Otherwise, they're welcome to try using the "Other Interests" board here.

TIP: In your "User CP" options, turn on all of the options for cookies. They will allow the board to work for you while you're on it. And if you don't "Log Out", you won't have to keep entering your user info to Login, each time you visit. (unless you flush your cookies in your browser)

Have fun, and welcome to the new PSG community!

Yours truly,