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Paid New windows for an old house

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Hello, everybody, we're rebuilding an old house.

Therefore we have to decide how we want to paint the outer frame of the new windows.

I have attached 2 pictures:
- Picture "No.1" shows the actual house.
- Picture "No.2" shows a new window.

I would like to have the new window of Picture No.2 placed into the empty space on the right end of Picture No.1.

Then, in addition to the existing grey frame (of the window in Picture No.2), after it has been placed into Picture No.1, I would like to have an example of a white frame, a Bordeaux Red frame, and a Dark Blue frame.

We are really grateful if anyone can help.

If there are questions left, just ask for it :)

Best regards, Thorben

Picture No.1

Picture No.2
Not open for further replies.