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Cool, looks very "H.R. Giger"-ish.

I would love to see some embellishments on this, to create a focal point, or some detail. Right now, it works great as a background, but it doesn't really hold attention for very long.


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Thanks for the comments, guys. :)

I originally intended it to be nothing more than a background but your suggestions got me thinking about taking it further.

p?tr??k, the technique involves using layers that alternate between lighten and darken mode. There is plastic wrap, tranform/rotate, and wave used as well. Basically, each layer is a variation on the layer below then either lightened or darkened to make the object to appear to have depth. I then used the lighting effects flter to add additional height and emphasis.

I did a write up of a similar effect I called giger but it has scrolled off the forum. I'll see if theKeeper still has a copy.


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I keep seeing Alien type of creatures in it
That's the point. The interesting thing is that the technique naturally creates figures and images. You'll see figures, people, objects, and symbols spontaneously appear. It's like those religious images that appear on walls and other surfaces that you see mentioned in the news sometimes. Heck, I even had one work where a cross appeared with a procession of monks. Very creepy but interesting at the same time.

I'm doing a new write up of the technique. I'll post a campfire thread when it is ready so everyone can play. :D
:perfect: Yes! I'm sure loads of people here would love to explore that giger-ish tute you once had around here Moth, it's one of the most creative-inspiring ones, and just plain fun too. I guess when the board got restructured it was lost.

This new one you've done sorta reminds me of spiders for some reason with the shapes. Cool! B7 :}
Moth since I know your first work with this technique this one looks realy good. You can bring that to next level. For example a human face with this texture .. I can see it. I am waiting for your tut! 8)) in advance.


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Looks great MOth :} :}