New Year Challenge!

Now that Christmas Day is over -- and Jessicayla wants me to emphasize that the Christmas Challenge is still open till December 31st -- we have a week before chitkaran introduces Challenge 7 and a special holiday coming up, the New Year.

The Challenge Winner will be decided by a PSG Celebrity Alumnus and Awesome Guru, Mark the Keeper.

Judging will be done on New Year's Day. The winner will receive the PSG Medal of Honor, and will be asked to do the next holiday challenge, Valentine's Day, or not to be US-centric, maybe your country has a holiday you observe that you would like to honor. It's up to the winner to accept that "prize!" It will of course be separate from the numbered challenges and the winner will be able to do the following holiday if he/she wants it.

This week alongside the postcard theme, the new challenge is to make something which says Happy New Year to you.

It can be typography with a message, even a poem. It can be a manipulation demonstrating your feelings about the year to come or the year past. It could be a collage or image of your New Year's Intentions or frustration over intentions, lol. Anything. Use your imagination and create from the heart.

Have fun in Photoshop and use your favorite tools, imagery, and skills!. That's all you need to do.
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Yes, that's true. I guess I should amend my statement. Now that Christmas is past (well it's still December 25th here for few hours), let's have a New Year's Challenge. So sure, if someone wants to add to the Christmas Archive, the thread is still open.

Sorry for the confusion. What's that you kids say? "My Bad!"
Nice image Sigfrid.

We don't have a lot of interest in this challenge. Maybe everybody needs a break! Well, if I get no objections here or on the Christmas Challenge thread, I will ask Mark theKeeper to judge that one instead, so that we can have a winner after all. No winner, yes winner: how many times can I change my mind, go back on my word, mess with the rules, change horses in the middle of the stream? Hey! I'm a woman. I get to be fickle (easy all you women's libbers ... JK).

Here's my contribution, a New Year's Dream manipulation: Challenge of Intention

a Challenge of Intent.jpg

(this is at 150 res; the original is 300)


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