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I have Photoshop CS3 loaded on Win 10. It seems to work in most aspects I have found. I am sure that I will need help as I work through become a user of PSCS3 Extended. This is such an old program that Adobe no longer supports it and I will need help for the "Gurus". I am not a professional photograph but want the width of improving my photos using CS3. I am working through the Adobe training book Photoshop CS3 and Scott Kelby's book Photoshop CS3 Boof for Digital Photographers. I am about half way through and are doing the lessons within these books. I have found some of the lessons to not work as expected. This is probably mostly due to my lack of following exactly the directs given but maybe there are some due to running CS3 on Win 10 OS. These and other helps are why I looked for and joined this forum. I doubt that I can be of help to other but I know that this forum can help me. Will be back later with specifics. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from the Gurus.