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Good Evening Everyone,

My name is Ash, I live in Australia, and I am trying to get some photoshop skills under my belt.

I came across an image, which I love, but want to add my own touch to use as a desktop wallpaper. The Image I have here has some broken hexagons in it, I don't want that, I want it to be full across every hexagon, and I am having some trouble creating the image in photoshop. with the gradient colours. and matching them up. I have seeked a friend for some help, but to no avail, so here I am asking for help here, hopefully someone can help me, I am new to here, so not too sure how to send files to people to show them what ive done so far. Below is the image I want to re create, and for a better understanding of what I want to do, after I complete the design, in different hexagons, I would like to place an image in random hexagons of my boys.



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Hello Ash and welcome to the forum.

Ash said:
I am new to here, so not too sure how to send files to people to show them what ive done so far.
Please don't send files to anyone, just post them here. If the files exceed our forums limitations, the use a file sharing/hosting site (MediaFire) to link them in your post.

To me it looks as though all you need to do is create the hexagon layer, add an outer glow, then a multi-color layer above it. I'm not sure what layer blending mode I would use I would need to experiment.

Tony Bowman

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I have had a go and come up with this:


Here's what I did. Filled a blank layer with random coloured brush strokes and blurred. Duplicated and set copy to multiply. Above that, added hue/sat layer in screen blend mode and boosted saturation and lightness. Grouped together and turned off.

I used the polygon tool in path mode to create my hexagon and duplicated to fill the space and them made three blank layers. Made a selection of the path and, after contracting the selection by the maximum amount using refine edge, filled with black (which fills the inside hexagons) on the first layer and blurred a little. Reselect the path, inverted the selection (which will selection the 'lines' between the hexagons) and in refine edge contract by the maximum amount again and on the second layer fill with white, and on the third layer fill with black. Go back to the second (white lines) layer, blur it and set to overlay blend mode.

That got me to here:


On your example some colour is visible through the lines and hexagons, so I added a mask to the first and third layers mentioned above and randomly painted on low opacity, blurring as necessary to soften edges and transitions.

Finally, I added a levels layer at the top boosting the whites and set to soft light, and then another, with no adjustment, set to screen. This was to try and boost the vividness. I found that one could experiment with blend modes and adjustments forever!! I also experimented with outer glow on the black lines layer (instead of the white lines layer) and with changing the order of the layers. I haven't replicated the effect exactly, but it was fun to figure it out. I hope I've been able to help in some way.