Notebook Cover For Children..Feedback Please


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Hello Everybody

I will show this design to someone and I'll wait for his agreement!...So I need your suggestions about this design please....what I should add ?..or change ?


I'll add reflections to another two bears later..Instead of "NAME" I will write company name..

waiting for feedback



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I wanna say that the colors changed a little bit!....I remember that this problem happen with designs made under CMYK mode when I upload them on the internet....I don't know why!

For Example...The background is very light brown or bronze...not silver as shown here...
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Hey, I'm new here, but I think this is super cute! Maybe you could add some hearts in the background?


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The two smaller/floating bears both have shallow and hard drop shadows indicating they are very close to a surface. If this is your intent then you might add a more prominent background like a wall. If you like the background just fading, then you might want to get rid of the drop shadows. I like the idea of adding more color.

I does not need to be darker.

I like the idea and your doing a great job with it!