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Online Digital Quilt

Just throwing this one out there in a desperate search...

Back in about 2007/2008 there was a website where you could take part in making a graphical 'quilt' of images...

What you did was download a small jpeg square (about 40 x 40 pixels) from the 'in progress' quilt - you might have one or two corners/sides of it already with part of an image on it, and you had to finish off the square (in Photoshop) and then upload it back to the quilt (where other people were doing the same thing)

You didnt really know how it was going to turn out until you finished your square and uploaded it and all 4 sides were connected, so you could see the quilt taking form as it went along.

Not sure if Ive described this very clearly, but it's sort of all I can remember for now.

Basically, I'd just like to have a go at it again.

Ive googled everything I can think of - Digital Quilt, Online Quilt, Digital Online Quilt Pattern, Graphical Quilt Picture Game,

If anyone remembers this or can find it, thanks heaps!




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I personally don't remember anything like you describe, but it sounds interesting. I remember Photoshop Tennis and that it was somewhat fun.

Perhaps you could organize a similar type game here on the forum where everyone builds a square.
It was a programmed thing, where the downloads and uploads were handled by the website automatically. I wish I could explain it more clearly, but it's been so long... LOL it's driving me nuts!
Here's a bit more info - it's starting to come back to me...

You would see whatever of the main big picture (quilt) had been completed so far on the website. You could then choose a square to download that had one or more sides already completed - but you didnt know exactly where that square fitted into the final image.

So you would download something like this... where person A had done a square to the top left (all you can see is their corner), person B had done the square at the top (so you could see the bottom half of their square)...


your job was then to colour in, create something cool image-wise in the centre square based on what was surrounding it... and re-upload your little square.


If everyone did their part well, you would end up with a huge picture made of hundreds of these mini-squares that usually ended up looking pretty cool.