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Im not even sure what to call this effect...but my church has asked me to do this as a logo for our church....the example is the purple logo? i also have 2 pics of the church...not sure which one to use for the logo...any help will be appreciated...I'm limited in my ability...

NOTBS.237114618_std.png BA6DA786-.jpg C50778AC-.jpg
I would suggest using the top image and then look up some tutorials on using the pen tool. Once you have drawn the lines "stroke" with the brush of your choice.

In progress example.



im having trouble keeping the lines straight...on the windows and doors....me and the pen tool are not getting along! is there any tricks out there...need help!

here is my failed attempt!! failed attempt.jpg


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Actually due to the photographic distortion there's no need to follow the photo strictly.
Just pull out some guidelines to have clean horizontal and vertical lines.
Its a logo...

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You beat me to it Eggy - I was going to suggest guides.

In addition be aware that if you hold down shift whilst drawing lines you restrict them to horizontal, vertical or 45 degrees.

I would also say just (in this image) concentrate on one side of the image as it is perfectly symmetrical. Then simply duplicate the image and flip it.

I completely agree with Eggy that this is a representation of the church - you need the "feel" of the structure rather than a perfect architectural drawing.

BTW - all credit to you for what you have achieved - it is actually pretty good! Practice WILL make perfect.


Another tip is that you might find it useful to turn on the "rubber band" option in the settings.


If you do this you will see where the line will go before you commit to placing it.


I am (obviously) not sure how you are using the pen tool.

I would suggest that for this project that after each line that you draw that you press the "Esc" key. In this way you will be able to draw each line individually - rather than having to draw complete "shapes" - you will still be able to select everything and apply the "stroke" effect.


I've got to agree with Argos. While the work you did is excellent, I think a more stylized, less busy logo would be more memorable & eye-catching.

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