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Overlapping Color Issues.


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Hello there. I'm currently working on coloring a grayscaled picture. I recently downloaded the free CS3 from the Adobe website. I've never had this particular thing happen before and I don't know how to fix it, but I need to figure out how to keep the colors from melding. If I go over an area with the same color twice, it makes that color darker. I need the color to either stay the same or be replaced if I'm using another color over it. This overlapping thing is making things quite difficult and I've almost given up on my project.
As I stated, I've never had this issue with Photoshop before, so maybe it's some setting that I can tweak and everything will be fine. Sorry if I haven't explained well enough. I'm not sure how else I could possibly explain it.
If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate your input.
Thanks in advance. :)



Queen Bee
If you are using any opacity other than 100% this will happen. If it is something else, maybe you could upload the psd. Are you putting the colors on a separate layer from the original image? (which I advise) If so, you can fill that selection with a solid color and set the layer blend mode. Adjust the color to get your desired result. Sometimes I use more than one color layer to achieve results I like, sometimes the layer opacity has to be adjusted too.