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Paid work offer web Banners design for Hunting industry

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We are Hunting industry organization and we are very busy before launching our new website. We need your help. Please take it serious!
...and no worries we will pay you.
We want this working process to be easy and smooth for both of us and without too many messages back and forth, as it all comes down to visual and we will provide the information and images for you to work with.

Work needed Web Banners design for Hunting industry
Main images or Logos for banners will be provided to you via email up on your request

Size W 3.111 inch or 7.9 cm
H 0.889 inch or 2.26 cm

Work order approximately 30 banners total,
there are first set of 3 banners to show your design style

Time all 30 banners need to be completed in 10 days

Pay $15 per banner
30 banners total $450
We can pay by PayPall

Information for you
Main images and Logos will be provided for design.
All banners will be placed on gray background area of website which has black background …see screen shot attached here with part of the website

How we want to pursue
You show your design style by making 3 banners based on images and information provided.
You can include the samples of your previous work
We chose which work is the best fit for our project.
We would prefer to work with 1-2 persons only.
In case it goes successful, we will give some other graphic design work...as it is on-going process.

Attached here
Screen shot of the part of website.
Banners will be placed where you see Elk calling secrets

Anyone who is interested
Please contact us and we will provide images for you a.s.a.p. to work on first set of 3 banners.
We look forward to working with you.

Email address oksanalyt @ yahoo com




I'm on itouch but if you contact me I'll hop on computer
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This offer will be open in a next few days based on "competition".
Now we are sending out the first set of 3 banners info to people who were interested.
We need to make decision no later than Monday who's design style is the best fit for our project and move forward.

If you are interested, don't delay with your respond to our "Paid work offer..." post on Nov.4

Hunting Network
oksanalyt @ yahoo.com


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it seems this on has taken a little too professional interest for me to take it on :( i know there are many people here who will thrash me on this task and plus with school and whatnot, the time limit is a little tight. would have loved to take it on, but i think there are enough people to choose from for you, i hope you get the banners you wanted though :)
plus i prefer the freedom to choose the resources i use. no hard feelings
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