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Specific Paint Job.


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I used to have a ’74 FJ40 Toyota Lad Cruiser that more of less looks like this Land Rover and I hope the OP has as much fun with this vehicle as I had with mine

About the time ‘Babine’ posted his black Land Rover, I had one that looked very similar to his and I was also thinking that I couldn’t “get the black to look like a glossy paint job.” <SIGH>

Then ‘crisdesign’ posted his excellent rendition, I realized how he did it and wondered why I hadn’t done something like that. No one needs to respond to my stupidity.

The realities are that its possible to mimic those highlights more or less freehand and I wondered if I could do it. I spent an absurd amount to time getting this far and then just stopped painting. Thus it gets a white top and hood.

Paint Black 8.jpg
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