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I hope this is not duplicate information yet my brother who also uses Photoshop pointed me to a FFT filter that I had not used before. For those that have not used an FFT filter they are excellent in taking out a pattern that exactly repeats over an entire image. The filter name is Pattern Suppressor and versions of it has been out for 2 or 3 years yet I never had tried it. I had been using FFT Wizard.

I find that Pattern Suppressor is a much better solution as it does a lot of the busy work for you and while you load the plugin into Photoshop, it is run by a set of Actions. The install instructions are easy and the tutorial information is also good (YouTube Video). It supports both Windows and Mac OS and also provides links to the source code so it may have better longevity than other FFT filters (did I mention it is FREE!)

The example before/after GIF is using the FFT filter and then a tad of Camera Raw filter to take out remaining noise. Note that it is a 400% enlargement using next neighbor rendering so looks even better not blown up. Results similar to other FFT filters yet this one does most of the work for you (watch the YouTube video). You can also make adjustments to tune in the results.

I have made the switch so though it was worth mentioning. Of course, I may be just late to the game and everyone already has it :)
John Wheeler

Main web site for Pattern Suppressor: http://ft.rognemedia.no/
YouTube tutorial: